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May 27, 2001

My first NBK expierence was at the Carmona Car Show in Houston, TX. The only reason i went was because i was determined to see NBK in concert when i had the chance. You see ive been wanting to see them for a long time but i never had the chance. One day i was looking at the dopehouse records site and i saw an ad about the car show. As soon as i saw NBK was going to be there i went crazy! HA!
Anyways..when my friends and i got to the show i didnt see any kind of Nastyboy advertisements so i started thinking that they werent going to show. :( We decided to check out the group onstage and later on NBK came out! I was soo happy....and thats when i found out that M.C. Magic and Dos had left the group because of some "differences." I was sooo upset but yet happy to at least see Ziggy and Sly. After their performance i went to the side to see if they would go over there. I was so lucky because i saw Ziggy, he came over and i told him that i was a huge fan he smiled and said thank you. I got his autograph and he went to find Sly so we could get his autograph as well. Sly came over and i took a picture of them together!!! I cant even explain the way i felt! Hopefully i will be able to meet Magic and Dos! :)
Donnita Lopez
Wichita, Kansas
I was just checken out your page and thought is was pretty cool. Thought i would email you and let you know that they had a concert in Wichita, Ks on April 16, 2002  and it was off the hook.  They came with Ashanti, Ja Rule, Ludacris, Toya, and Lil Jay. It was a great concert but the main reason I went was to see NB RIDAZ, and it was totally worth it. The evening before they also had a signing and that was packed.  I have some really cool pictures of the signing. Well goodluck
with the website!
Christina B.
Las Cruces, New Mexico
I went to the NB ridaz concert here in Las Cruces on January 26, 2002. It was The bomb. They looked sooo fine! Finer than ever =) It was really cool because this was my first concert. The after party was really cool to, I got to get zig zag's autograph and I got to hug him! Both the concert and the after party was awesome. It was packed too! When they have there next concert here I'm going 4 sure!






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